4 ways to grow your Spotify playlist followers in 2024

How to gain more Spotify followers for your playlist

Trying to promote a Spotify playlist can feel like a challenge these days. In this post we look at a few playlist marketing strategies that can help grow your followers and listeners on Spotify.


Promoting a playlist isn’t easy, you’re competing against 4 billion+ other user-curated playlists for listeners attention so you’ve got to work hard to stand out


Check out the four ideas below to get more playlist followers on Spotify:


1. Pick your niche and optimize

The first step to growing a good playlist is to decide on a theme or genre for your playlist and to create a compelling title and description that will capture the attention of potential listeners of your playlist. Additionally, be sure to design eye-catching artwork for your playlist, as it will be the initial point of contact for listeners and should be given careful consideration.


You can design playlist artwork for free using this free tool. 


To ensure that your playlist shows up in search results, it’s crucial to have compelling artwork and a distinctive title and description.


Do not be generic!! Playlists like ‘Best music’ or Best new artists’ will never be as popular as playlists based around a single genre or niche. 


2. Grow your playlist and manage submissions with Soundplate

By adding your playlist to Soundplate, you open up the opportunity for artists to come across your playlist and to submit their music for your consideration.


To send you their music, artists are required to follow your playlist, meaning that each new song you receive also brings a new follower to your playlist. For further information and to include your playlist on Soundplate, click here.


Add your playlist to Soundplate here.

3. Advertise your playlist across social media using this tool

Advertising can be a key driver for playlist followers, thankfully this new tool makes setting up laser-targeted advertising campaigns for playlists easy.

This online tool to set up targeted advertising campaigns for playlists uses advanced algorithms to get the best from your advertising campaign. Simply follow the steps below to get started:


  1. Open the advertising tool to create your campaign.
  2. Select ‘Music’ and choose ‘playlist followers’ as an objective.
  3. Follow the steps to link your social channels and add your creative.
  4. Setup your targeting. 
  5. Set your budget and launch your campaign.


The playlist will then be promoted using Facebook and Instagram adverts.This is the simplest way to launch playlist advertising campaigns, once your campaign is live you will be sent the analytics and campaign results.


4. Share your playlist on social media


There are also alternative strategies to paid advertising that can help you maximize your reach and attract new followers to your playlist on social media. One effective method is to tag the artists you include in your playlists in your posts and stories. If they reshare or repost your playlist, it could potentially reach a wider audience through their fan base.


Another approach is to develop content focused on your playlist. You can showcase emerging artists or unique sounds that set your playlist apart from others. By providing valuable and engaging content, you can pique the interest of potential followers and encourage them to check out your playlist.


Share your playlist in relevant Facebook groups, Subreddits or discord chats can grow your playlist presence online.


Engagement with other users in the music community can also be beneficial. Commenting on posts by fellow music enthusiasts or participating in discussions related to your playlist’s genre can increase visibility and draw attention to your content.


Utilizing these methods alongside paid advertising can enhance the overall effectiveness of your social media efforts in growing your playlist’s following.



In conclusion, growing your Spotify playlist followers in 2024 requires strategic and focused efforts. Selecting a specific niche and utilizing tools like Soundplate to manage submissions is key, additionally, leveraging social media platforms for advertising and sharing your playlist can exponentially increase its visibility and reach. By implementing these four methods, you can effectively elevate your playlist’s presence on Spotify and connect with a broader audience of music fans. Start implementing these strategies today and see significant growth in your playlist followers and engagement.