How to get a Music Plaque in 2024 for Streams or Sales

Find out how to get a music plaque for music streams or sales.


A music plaque is a symbol of recognition and achievement in the music industry. It is typically awarded to artists, songwriters, and producers whose albums or singles have achieved significant sales or streaming milestones. There are different types of music plaques, with the most common being gold and platinum sales plaques and Music Streaming Awards.

Whether it’s hanging on the wall of a recording studio or displayed proudly at home, these plaques serve as constant reminders of an artist’s success and provide inspiration to keep striving for more.


How do I know if any of my music is eligible for a plaque or award?

You can find out if you are eligible for any music awards using this handy free tool.

Working out which awards you are eligible for can be a bit more tricky than you might expect. While Music Streaming Awards (for smaller independent artists and labels) are straightforward to work out, the other plaques such as silver, gold and platinum have different requirements.

These requirements depend on many factors including if the streams were ‘free’ or ‘premium’ and where in the world they came from. There are several different certifying bodies that manage these awards but in most places around the world 150 on-demand streams = 1 sale. 

Click here to find out more about the requirements for music plaques and to see if you are eligible for a music plaque.



Music Streaming Awards


Do artists pay for their own music plaques and awards?

All music awards and plaques come at a price. Sometimes the major record labels will cover the costs but independent artists or artists signed to an independent record label will usually pay for their own plaques. 

The prices depend on the type of award and manufacturing costs involved. 

If you are eligible for an award you can usually find all the pricing information online or will be sent it via email once sales data has been verified. 



Need music promotion? 

If you are still working your way up to the big numbers needed for a plaque, here are a few music promotion tools you can make use of on Soundplate: