How Many Global Music Streams Are There Each Year?

The 2023 MUSIC STREAMING report card is out

How many music streams are there each year? Read on to find out.. 


A new report has been published showing some fascinating music streaming stats. We have been digging into the numbers and it makes for some interesting reading!


How Many Music Streams Happen Each Year?

In 2023 we listened to more music than ever before, with global streams soaring 33.7% Year-on-Year.

In total there were more than 7. 1 trillion music streams in 2023!

That’s a lot of music and if you have ever wondered how much music the average person listens to, we covered that in another blog post which you can check out here


How Many Songs Are Streamed More Than 1 Million Times?

According to the report, 436k tracks were streamed more than 1m times in 2023, which is a big jump from 373.5k the previous year.

If you have a song with 1 million streams, that’s worth celebrating! As on the flip side a whopping 45.6 million tracks got absolutely zero streams and in total, 152.2m tracks were streamed less than 1000 times.



How to get more streams for your music in 2024..

If you are one of the artists struggling to hit the big numbers or if you just want to beat your stats from last year, we have a few ideas for how you can grow your stream count this year:


1. Advertise your music with targeted social media ad campaigns:

Use this tool to launch targeted social media campaigns driving more potential fans to listen to your music. The tool uses an advanced algorithm to laser-target people who might be interested in streaming your music. Check it out here and launch ad campaigns for your music!


2. Submit your music to Spotify & Deezer Playlists

One way to reach more people on streaming platforms is to get your music featured on playlists. 

Not only does this expose your music to more potential listeners, it also gives the algorithm a strong signal that your music is worth listening to and increases your chances of being featured on the big editorial and algorithmic playlists.

Submit music to Spotify playlists for free.


3. Always use smart links when sharing your music.


Not all your fans will listen to music on the same platform you do.

Every time you share a link directly to Spotify or Apple Music you are alienating parts of your fanbase that prefer to use YouTube Music, Amazon or any other platform.

The solution is to use Soundplate Clicks music smart links which give your fans the choice of where they listen to your music. 

You can also use Soundplate Clicks to create an artist page, bio links, an email signature and much more, if you haven’t already check it out here!



Want to read more?

Check out the full report by Laminate, here.