Check if your music is eligible for any sales awards

This completely free tool will help you find out if you might be eligible for a music sales / streaming award.

Fill out the simple form below and we will run some calculations to see what awards you might be able claim. 

If you are not eligible for an award yet, the tool will also let you know how much more music you might need to sell/stream in order to get your hands on an award.

Please note: This tool uses publicly available data to predict when artists might be eligible for various awards. It is not affiliated or endorsed by any certification body. 

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Please note: This tool is designed to check award eligibility of individual SINGLES not albums. Albums have different certification thresholds.

What Are Music Streaming Awards / Music Sales Awards?

Music recording certifications are awarded by various music industry bodies and companies around the world to mark sales milestones and achievements in different countries. Certification plaques are typically awarded by the IFPI (international), BPI (UK) or RIAA (USA).

Music Streaming Awards have lower eligibility requirements are typically used by independent artists to celebrate streaming milestones such as 1 million streams worldwide.

Both plaques and awards are something to celebrate and a reminder of the hard work which goes in to producing and marketing a great record. It is up to the label / artist who gets awards, they are typically offered to artists, managers, distributors and anyone involved in the making or promotion of a record.


How does this tool work?

The calculation tool above takes into account your current streams & sales to work out how many chart / award eligible sales you currently have. It will then calculate how close / far away from being certified silver, gold or platinum you are. It will also show you any Music Streaming Awards you are currently eligible for based on the number of streams you have.


The tool above currently checks eligibility for RIAA Awards (USA), Brit Certified Awards (UK) and Music Streaming Awards. We will also be adding the eligibility criteria for various IFPI awards in the coming weeks.


The tool is currently only set up to check for individual music singles, not albums which have different criteria.


How Do I Get A Gold Or Platinum Record Plaque if I am eligible?

If you are possibly eligible for a plaque, you will need to contact your distributor or label who will help you to certify the sales numbers and work with the certifying body to approve your eligibility. Once officially certified you are able to order as many plaques as you like (subject to paying the fees).

How many streams to go silver / gold / platinum?

Streams are now counted towards official sales numbers used for charts and for certifying sales awards. Most certifying bodies use a formula of 150 paid on-demand streams = 1 sale but use the calculator above as this does vary depending on location.

Based on the above formula you would need 75million on-demand streams in the USA to go Silver (if you did not have any sales at all). Use the tool above to enter your sakes and streaming data to find out how roughly far away you are from being eligible.

Music Streaming Awards offer awards to any artist with more than 1000 streams worldwide.


Who pays for the awards?

This is up to you, either you can pay the fees for everyone you wish to award or you can let each recipient pay for their own.


Can I get a silver / gold / platinum plaque for my music?

If you think you have a song that might be eligible. Use the tool above to find out!

What About The GRAMMYs?

GRAMMY awards are not decided based on stream or sales numbers. To learn how to get a GRAMMY Award, how the nomination and voting process works, click here.