Convert Spotify URL to URI or Vice Versa

Enter a Spotify URL, URI or url into the converter below and get the link in the format you need!

What is a Spotify URI?

Spotify URI (Uniform Resource Indicator) is a special type of link that you can find in the Share menu of any track, album, or Profile on Spotify. It’s often used when setting up pre-save campaigns or sharing tracks before they are released.

On some devices, when you click a link that consists of a Spotify URI (rather than an HTTP address), you’re taken directly to the Spotify application, without having to go through the web page first.


What is a Spotify URL?

Spotify URLs are the standard links you need to share music from Spotify with anyone. They are usually used in music smart links or if you are sharing music on social networks.

An example Spotify track url looks something like:

If you have the URL use the Spotify uri generator above to convert the link type.

Do I need a Spotify URI to setup a pre-save campaign?

Most of the apps and providers of pre-save campaigns require a Spotify URL or URI to create a link. If you do not have one for your song yet, Soundplate Clicks enables you to create a pre-save campaign without any links at all! Simply follow the instructions below:

1. Register for a free Soundplate Clicks account and Create a new link
2. Set the release date to a day in the future
3. Activate the pre-save option further down the page (no links are required) – you should also upload your artwork etc.
4. On release day or anytime before, come back and enter the public Spotify/ Apple Music link and anyone who has pre-saved will get your music.


What is a url? is simply a shorter url that Spotify sometimes provides for sharing your music online.

If you have the url and need the complete URL to submit your music to playlists or create a music smart link. Simply paste the url in the converter above and the full url will be available for you.

If you are using Soundplate Clicks to create your music smart links, you will not need to do this as the URL will be instantly converted into the correct format for you automatically as you create your link.


Which link type do I need to submit music to playlists?

When using Soundplate to submit music for playlists (free), we suggest always using the full Spotify URL (e.g. Only music that has been released and is publicly available can be submitted to playlists on Soundplate so please do not submit before your release date.