3 Things To Check Before Your Share Your Music Online

Get prepared to share your music!

If you are planning to share a song or album to your fans on social media, in an email, or anywhere else online there a few things you should always check first.


  1. Your Smart Link Is Ready

The first and most important thing you need to do is set up your music smart link correctly.

Using a smart link will allow you to give your fans the choice of where they listen and also give you some valuable data and insights you can use to inform your future marketing decisions.



Click here to create a smart link for your music. 


When setting up your link always make sure:

  • All the major platforms where your fans can listen are added.
  • The Artwork is uploaded correctly and everything looks good
  • The artist name and track title are correct.



2. You Know Your Target

Think about who you are sending the music to.

If you are sending your music to fans, make sure you use the kind of language and tone they will understand and resonate with.

If you are sending an email to blogs, tastemakers, or radio DJ’s you may also want to include a private free download link to the music and some more information about you and your music.


3. The Headline

How are you going to make your music stand out?

A catchy subject line, headline or caption to stop the social media scroll is vital.

Your music can be amazing but without something to grab the attention of your potential fans, it may never be heard.

Youtubers and journalists spend hours crafting titles and headlines.

Don’t neglect the power of a good caption or email subject line when sharing your music online!