7 Sides of Jeanga & George [Interview & Mix] | Selector After Dark

This week’s interview & mix comes from Jeanga & George

Introduce yourself and tell us about the part of the UK you’re from?
Hi, we’re JeanGa and George and we live and work in London.
Tell us about some of your British DJ heroes?
After the mighty Andrew Weatherall, the guys from Optimo are without doubt the creme de la creme. Nathan Gregory Wilkins is our favourite deep crate digger and Joe Goddard is always on our minds. This list could be a lot longer but we can’t type very quickly.
What have you been working on recently?
We’ve recently done a remix for Cairoibi that should be hitting the digital shelves shortly. Other remixes forthcoming and solo projects coming soon too. George T stuff and JeanGa’s collaboration with Susumu from Zongamin to name a few.
Tell us about the mix, how did you put it together, what did you want to represent?
We put it together this morning after looking out some of our favourite UK electronic artists and things that influenced us. We did it in one sitting and it felt good.
Talk us through the British music featured in this mix? Which British artists are you most excited about?
Cowboy Rhythmbox consistently craft solid club cuts, Bullion’s label DEEK is responsible for releasing some of last years best UK music, hands down, of which Thool is one. Moire can do no wrong. Once again there’s so much happening it’s hard to know when to stop typing.
What is on the cards in the immediate future?
We’ve got live shows coming up. 13th April at Servants Jazz Quarters in East London then Camp Bestival and more. No laptops, all analog kit with lots of room for mistakes. Just how we like it.
Where is the best place in the world you have DJ’d and why?
The Venue, Edinburgh (RIP) was one of the finest. 400 people, low ceiling, heavy bass, warm smiles and wonderful music. Too many RIP’s in regard to good nightclubs these days.