A Few Minutes With Andrew Applepie | Interview & Official Music Video

An interview with Andrew Applepie following the release of his single, ‘Put Your Hands Together’ on Soundplate Records


Andrew Applepie Interview

Introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about what you do?
My name is Andrew and I’m making music with all kind of instruments and softwares on the road and at my little studio.
Tell us a little about your new single, ‘Put Your Hands Together’, we love the video – how did it all come together?
The song and video kind of belong together and the idea is just to connect all those wonderful people inhabiting my internet bubble. I never thought so many people would take part in it and I was prepared to make my friends and family send me footage 😀 But I got so many and such funny and lovely videos it’s unbelievable.
Your music has famously been used by Casey Neisat and some other top vloggers/film makers, how important has YouTube been to your career so far?
I actually played in a band before and we did some cool stuff, played some sweet gigs and even had a song in a German cinema movie. But it’s all been very local. Then I started doing more and more solo music. YouTube and especially Casey Neistat spread my music very internationally and very rapidly so it’s thanks to them that I am where I am. And I’m incredibly thankful for that because I think there’s a special audience for every kind of music and that helped me reach them wherever they are 😀
Is it important to you that your music is freely available for other creators to use?
Yes! I love seeing people sharing their view and ideas I’m very happy they consider my music to be a good fit with that. Also I’m generally not a big fan of making people feel like they’re doing something illegal when downloading my music for free, it’s absurd to judge people who actually like your music, they’ll know best what to do and what to give if they’re in that position.
Can you tell us a little bit about the creative process behind your music? What gear do you like to use?
I always like to try new things! Sometimes I just start with a sound, sometimes I start with a song idea. I really have no fix process except maybe the mixing that comes in the end. But if you wanna know more, I explain some of it on my YouTube channel. 😉
What do you have coming up in the near future?
I have some cool collabs and a new album coming up in the near future and I’m starting to plan some sweet stuff for the more distant future but that’s not all figured out yet. I always try and keep everyone up to date on my social media.
Where can people find out more about you and your music?
I recommend my YouTube, Twitter, Instagram

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Andrew Applepie – ‘Put Your Hands Together’ is out now on Soundplate Records. Stream / Download now by clicking here.