How to make your music stand out online with an emoji domain!

Emoji domains for music are here.

What is an emoji domain?

Most websites you visit have a standard domain name e.g.

Emoji domains are a little different they look something like this: 🎶🎵.ws

When entering a web address in your browser, you might not have ever thought of using an emoji, but actually all web browsers support them.

The great part, is they are unusual and eye catching so a perfect way to attract attention to a web link or music smart link.


How can I get one for my music?

All pro accounts on Soundplate Clicks can use emoji domains to promote their music. Here is how:


Step 1: Create a new smart link or pre-save campaign for your music:

Step 2: Click the url on the ‘links’ page of your artist dashboard and press the copy button next to the emoji domain:

Step 3: Share it on your social media or website!


Emoji domains are automatically generated for all music smart links created by pro users on


Where can I use an emoji domain?

All web browsers support emoji domains

Some social media sites (Facebook) don’t seem to like them right now but they will work just fine on Twitter or pretty much any other website you can think to share your music on!

If you create an emoji domain on Soundplate we also provide a normal short url for your music for anywhere that does not support your cool emoji domain.


What else can I do to make my music stand out from the crowd on social media?

Video content generally out performs still images or standard link posts on social media. Create an animated music visualizer for your song by clicking here.