Information is Power: Take control of your music marketing data

Understand your fans.

The key to good marketing is understanding your audience. When you are promoting your music this can be easier said than done. We are helping artists learn more about their fans than ever with our smart link platform, Soundplate Clicks.


Artists who create music smart links with Soundplate Clicks have access to all kinds of data about their fans, in this post we look at just some of the stats artists can track when they share their music.

As you can see from the images above, Soundplate Clicks users can get a wealth of data about how their fans like to consume music, some of these analytics include:

    • Popular music platforms
      – Which streaming service or download store do your fans use most?
      Use this data to think about you can tailor your marketing and where to focus your efforts.
    • What browser/device type your fans discover and listen to music on.
      If your fans are predominantly using mobile, think about mobile-first marketing content such as vertical video and responsive web design. If most of your fans are ios users Apple Music Pre-Adds and campaigns may also be a good idea.
    • Where your fans are listening from.
      Use this data to better target potential fans and to plan future tour dates.
    •  How your music is being discovered.
      Are your social media campaigns paying off, is your mailing list working?
      Find what works for you then double down on these areas
    • How many people listen to the preview of your song vs actions taken.
      Is your music connecting?
    • How many pre-saves / playlist adds has your song had?
      Soundplate Clicks allows users to directly add music to their playlists from the smart link, are your fans supporting you and taking action? If not, how can you encourage them to do so?
  • We are adding new data points all the time, information is power – make sure you are not missing out!


All of this data and much more is available when you create music smartlinks with Soundplate Clicks.


Some of the most detailed information is only available to premium members ($20/m) but you can get started and start unlocking fan insights for free! Premium members also get access to custom email reporting, retargeting features and live statistics so you can see what your fans are doing on your smart link in real time.

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