Soundcloud Set To Offer Distribution to Other Streaming Platforms

Soundcloud to start own distribution service

SoundCloud has been going through somewhat of a transformation over the past few months, posting positive financial results and rolling out new features for listeners and artists. This next announcement sets to change the platform forever.

Having taken flack for many years for not paying artists properly it seems they now have a new plan, to offer distribution directly from their platform.

SoundCloud Premier artists will soon be able to share their Soundcloud uploads to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Tencent and Instagram, among other streaming services. The distribution in the back-end will be powered by FUGA (the distro behind many other distribution services and indie labels).

Remixes and covers will not be distributed and users wishing to distribute their music via Soundcloud will have to have no copyright strikes at the time of signing up.

Artists will not have to pay any additional flat fees on top of their Soundcloud premier subscription and will keep 100% of their royalties.

Soundcloud Premier artists can expect t see this feature rolling out to their account soon..


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