Submit Music For Spotify Playlists – The Easy Way!

How to submit music to Spotify playlists the easy way

In this post, we explain why our Spotify playlist submission system is the most efficient and easiest way to submit music for Spotify playlists.

How To Submit Music For Spotify Playlists.

Follow the steps below and you will learn how to submit music to Spotify playlists in no time at all.


Step 1: Find the RIGHT Spotify playlists for your music.

It’s all very well submitting your music to hundreds of playlists but if your music is not a good fit it’s not going to get picked up by any curators and will be a waste of your time. Use our website to browse playlists by genre and only submit music for Spotify playlists that already include music similar to your own.

To make this super easy use the links below to find playlists in your genre:


Step 2: Hit the ‘Submit Music’ button on the Soundplate playlist page.

When you open a playlist on you will find the player, some information on the playlist and most importantly a BIG RED BUTTON!

Click the button to find the playlist submission page for that playlist.



Step 3: Submit Your Music!

Once you have hit the button you will be taken to another page (like this) where you will find the submission link (where you will be able to submit music for the Spotify playlist).

Before you can submit music you will be asked to sign into Spotify and the system will automatically follow the playlist and the curator of the playlist that you are submitting your music for.

Once the system has taken care of the following for you, you will be re-directed to a form where you can submit your music directly to the person who runs the playlist.

The playlist owner will receive your music, if they love it, they will add it to their playlist and you will receive an alert letting you know that your music has been added!


Ready to get your music into some playlists?

Click here to discover the latest playlists added to our site and submit music for Spotify playlists. You can also find Spotify playlists by genre using the links in ‘Step 1’ of this post.


A few tips to keep in mind when submitting your music for playlists:

  • LISTEN TO THE PLAYLISTS FIRST, if your music is not a good fit, don’t waste the curators time. Being annoying and submitting unsuitable music will get you nowhere! You can even use our free Spotify playlist analyzer and track analyzer to see if your song is a good fit before you submit!
  • Submit one track at a time, the curators receive lots of music. Just send your best track of the moment. If it’s not picked up try again in a few weeks.
  • Check back every day/week. We are adding new playlists to the site every single day, come back to find the latest and to submit music to more spotify playlists!


Do you want to grow your playlist while checking out some great new music?

We are adding new playlists to the site every day. If you are interested in creating a submission-link for your Spotify playlist please click here to find out more.