50 Synthpop / Synthwave Spotify Playlists where you can submit your music for free

If you make synthpop or synthwave music – you will want to submit your music to these playlists!

If you make synth-pop, synth-wave, darkwave, retrowave or vapour music there are Spotify playlists for you to submit to on Soundplate!


You can find thousands of Spotify/ Deezer playlist curators spanning pretty much every genre you can think of on Soundplate and submit your music to playlists!

In this post we will show you just 50 of the synthpop / synthwaye playlist curators currently using Soundplate.com for their playlist submissions. Pick a playlist from the list below and click to submit your music!

The list of Spotify curators below is being updated all the time based on the latest synthpop Spotify playlists added to Soundplate.com. Feel free to bookmark this page and come back any time as it will be constantly changing.



How To Submit Your Music To Playlists

If you want to submit your music to Spotify playlists listed on this post, select the playlist from the list by clicking on it. Hit the big red ‘submit’ button and a new window will open where you will be asked to follow the playlist & profile of the curator before submitting your track. If our song is selected and added to the playlist you will receive an email notification.


This list will be updated each time a new synthpop playlist is added to Soundplate!



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