What are unlock codes on Soundplate?

Unlock Codes on Soundplate Explained

One of the most frequently asked questions about playlist submissions we get is ‘What are unlock codes on Soundplate?’ – read on to find out.


Submitting music to playlists on Soundplate is always free. 

Submitting your music to playlists on Soundplate is completely free, you simply select the playlist you want to submit to, follow the steps (which will automatically follow the playlist and curator you are submitting to) and you will unlock the submission form to send your music to the curator.


There are some limits to prevent curators becoming overwhelmed and to keep the approval rate high.

We limit the amount of submissions you can submit music to. The amount of submissions you can make changes regularly depending on many factors. How busy the website is and how many submissions are currently waiting to be reviewed in the curators’ queues help us to determine these limits. 

These limits give everyone more chance of being added to playlists. They prevent companies and individuals from spamming the playlist curators, leading to less playlist additions for real artists like you.

Unlock Codes on Soundplate

What are Unlock Codes?

Unlock Codes are a special bonus for artists who use our music marketing platform, Soundplate Clicks

Soundplate Clicks is a great tool for music marketing which allows artists to create landing pages and music smart links. 

Pro users of Soundplate Clicks can generate one Unlock Code per day. These special codes give artists access to submit to five more playlists each day.

The ability to generate an Unlock Code is free for all pro users of Soundplate Clicks. Unlock Codes do not give you a better chance of being added, or change anything about the submission process, they simply give you 5 more submissions each day.


How do I generate an Unlock Code?

  • To generate an Unlock Code you need to be a pro member of Soundplate Clicks.

  • If you are already a pro member, once you are logged in click ‘Submission Codes’ from the main menu.

  • You can then click ‘Generate Code’ on the page shown below to get your code.

    Generate unlock codes on Soundplate Clicks

  • This code is entered when you hit the submission limit on a playlist gate and will allow you five more submissions each day.
  • You can generate one code per day. Playlist submissions on Soundplate are always free of charge, never pay for your music to be added to a playlist.



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