You Can Now Promote NFT Art with Soundplate Clicks Music Smart Links

All major NFT marketplaces are now supported on Soundplate Clicks


95%+ of music marketers are already sick of talking about NFTs.*

*Not a real stat.


Love them or hate them, NFTs are here and I get it.. You’ve had enough of being asked how you can integrate an NFT auction into your next album campaign. I’m sure you would be totally happy to never have another Zoom about spinning gifs ever again.

But.. If you are planning to add an NFT drop to your next single, Soundplate Clicks have got your smart links covered.

All the main NFT marketplaces are supported on our links and you can even display your fancy spinning gif thingy at the top of the link!

..or you can ignore all of this and pretend this isn’t happening. We won’t judge either way.



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