4 Ways To Sell More Tickets For Your Next Show

Ideas for selling more gig tickets online – Sell out your next music show

Touring can be one of the most lucrative sources of income for artists. In this post we explore just three music marketing tools that you can use to sell more tickets for your next dates on the road.

These are all simple, actionable ideas that should help you get more tickets sold.

Use the Eventbrite / Facebook Ticket Integration

You can now sell tickets directly from Facebook events without fans ever leaving the Facebook website.

This very simple integration can help you sell 20% more tickets!

It’s very easy to set up Eventbrite tickets on Facebook, click here to learn more.

Go LIVE on social media

Live video on social media is a very powerful tool for getting in front of your fans. You can perform stripped back versions of your songs, answer questions or simply just talk and interact with your fans.

While on a live stream, talk about your show and link to the event. Some artists are seeing incredible results at the moment from Twitch, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook live streams.

Some online tools (including Vimeo) will help you go live on more than one platform at a time, you can also create a simple transparent png to overlay on your video promoting the show!

Geo-target your fans while they are checking out your music online

If you are promoting a new song, this is a huge opportunity to engage with your top fans and invite them to your next show.

Use Soundplate Clicks to import your Songkick events then automatically show these events to anyone viewing your music smart link close to your next show. You can also use Soundplate Clicks to create an artist page where you can display all your music along with your upcoming events and social media links.



Click here to read our full guide on using smart links for music marketing.

Automate your Event Listings online

There are hundreds of event listing websites where music fans can discover your shows, getting your event listed on all of them can be a huge job. Evvnt is a tool which makes that job super easy, simply enter the event information once and get it published on up to 4000 different event websites.

Click here for more information and to add an event.



I hope these tips are helpful for you, if they are please consider sharing this article with any other artists you are friends with who may also find some benefit!

For more music marketing tips, check out the Soundplate Blog.





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