Apple Music Classical – Everything you need to know!

Apple Music Classical has arrived, here’s everything you need to know.

What is Apple Music Classical

Apple Music Classical is a brand-new music streaming app that has been specifically designed for fans of classical music. It’s out now and you can download it here.

Apple Music Classical


The app features the largest catalouge of classical music in the world and is loaded with great features deigned to help you discover, enjoy and learn more about the genre. The music streams in lossless audio of up to 24 bit/192 kHz so will sound great across all of your devices.


How Much Does Apple Music Cost?

Subscribers of Apple Music can access the classical app at no extra cost, simply download the app here.

If you are not already an Apple Music subscriber, you can get a free trial here.


How to download Apple Music Classical on ipad, iphone or mac

Just like any other app, you can find Apple Music Classical in the Apple app store, or click the icon below to get started.

App Icon Presto

Apple Music Classical for Android

Apple Music Classic will also work on Android devices.

The Android app is expected to be released for Andrid devices soon, we will update this page with the link once it’s live.


Apple Classical Music App review

The initial Apple Classical Music App reviews are in and the feedback on the new classical app has been overwhelmingly positive. Users are loving the re-imagined search designed specially for finding classical music, the high-definition audio and the impressive guides and curated classical music playlists.

As you might expect from Apple the app is beautiful, slick and easy to use. Apple have also created exclusive brand-new artwork, including unique, high-resolution digital portraits for many of the world’s greatest composers and animated artwork for playlists.




How many songs are there on Apple Music Classical

At launch (March 2023) there were over 5 million classical tracks avalible to stream on Apple Music.



How to promote your music on Apple Music Classical

Most good music distributors that work with classical music can now distribute music to Apple Music Classical.

Once your music is listed you can promote it in all the normal ways and of course you can add the link to your song on the new app to your Soundplate Clicks music smart links.

Learn more about Apple Music Classical

You can find out more about Apple Music Classical on the Apple website here: