A Few Minutes With Jonas Blue [Interview]

We catch up with superstar producer Jonas Blue to talk about his new single ‘Perfect Melody’

Jonas Blue has risen through the electronic music ranks to become one of the biggest electronic crossover producers in the world. WIth over 2 billion global streams and having been certified platinum over 120 times, there is a lot to talk about!

He has collaborated with some of the biggest stars in music and his new singlePerfect Melody is out now – Click here to listen now!


Jonas Blue Interview 2022


Introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from..

Hi I’m Jonas Blue (but my parents call me Guy ) – I’m born and raised in Essex just east of London.


Can you name one person who has had a big impact on your music career and tell us how they have helped you?

Has to be Calvin Harris, I have so much respect for him as a producer and songwriter, I’ve always been inspired by him and more recently have had a few conversations with him that have been really helpful and insightful.


Tell us about your new single, ‘Perfect Melody’ – how did it come about & what inspired the song?

I met Julian Perretta who features on the song a while ago when we were both performing at a radio festival in France, we had always talked about working together but the right opportunity didn’t arise, then he sent me a voice note demo of the song idea and it instantly grabbed me and knew this was the moment for us to collaborate, we took a long time and many versions of the track for it to be finished but was absolutely worth it. The song is a classic love story really about a past love who you were in perfect harmony with.



Your break-through track ‘Fast Car’ is steadily approaching 1 billion plays on Spotify. An incredible achievement for any artist. When you were making the track did you ever imagine that it would go on to reach so many people?

I definitely had a feeling it was something special, but it’s crazy to see it reach so far and wide across the globe!


Describe your creative process / routine..
I usually start at the piano with a songwriter or 2 in the room working with me and we just vibe on ideas and know when we land on the magic then focus in on it, I usually have a concept or a title in mind before we start, we get the raw stripped back song down then I worry about the full production at a later stage, as to be honest that usually takes much longer!


You have collaborated with some huge artists. Do you have a favourite collaboration and why?

I think JP Cooper has to be one of my favourites, we continue to write together now and have a new song coming later this year. He’s really a part of the Jonas Blue sound!


What song/project/album are you most proud of to date?

Again Perfect Strangers with JP Cooper was such an important single as it proved I was a serious artist – so many acts come up through dance music with a cover or sample and don’t follow it up, but we came with a song that really proved that we were 100% serious!


Finally, after such an incredibly successful last few years, what does 2022 hold for Jonas Blue?

Very busy touring again which I’m hugely grateful for after a strange couple of years, and I’m dropping by second album later in the year “Together” which has a bunch of collaborations I’m really excited about.