A Few Minutes With Vintage Culture [Interview]

We speak to the number 1 selling artist on Beatport, Vintage Culture, in this 2022 interview.

Vintage Culture ascended to the #1 selling artist on Beatport and #1 Most Played Producer on 1001Tracklists last year. He has enjoyed Platinum success on multiple singles, as well as topping the Billboard Club / Dance and Spotify Dance Charts.

This summer has seen him launch into his debut Ibiza residency and he will be supporting Swedish House Mafia on their comeback tour this year. We caught up with the Brazillian dance msuic maestro to learn more about the man behind the music..


Vintage Culture interview 2022


Introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from..

This is Lukas Ruiz from Sao Paulo, Brazil– also known by my artist name,  Vintage Culture. I’m a music producer, songwriter,  DJ and co-owner of the successful music festival in Brazil, So Track Boa (translation, “Only Good Tracks.”)


What was the music scene like where you grew up in Brazil?

I wouldn’t describe what was happening in my town as a music scene. Sometimes the older kids would have parties with small sound systems. They would try to copy what was happening in big cities like Sao Paulo or Rio.  On the radio was mostly Brazilian country music which is very popular back home. Brazilian Country music has great melodies and rhythms. We barely had WIFI / internet connections. So my first experience with Electronic music was when I crossed the border to Paraguay and bought a CD.


2022 has been a huge year for you so far! An Ibiza residency, a debut at Cochella & a support tour slot with Swedish House Mafia! What has been your favourite moment of the year so far?

There have been so many great moments this year and it’s still only Summer. I’ve made new friends, met very talented artists- producers I’ve admired for a long time.  My shows in London have sold out in 2022 and I’m coming back to London soon.  The residency in Las Vegas has been very successful. And Ibiza now feels like a second home for me. These are accomplishments I only dreamed about when I started in music. 2022 is a year that I will always remember. 2022 feels like the culmination of years of work finally coming together. And it’s only the beginning.


You’ve just released the huge dancefloor filler ‘Adidas & Pearls’, how’s the reaction been to an audience when you have been playing this out?

 Across North America and Europe the reactions to “Adidas & Pearls” have been overwhelmingly positive. I’m very proud of this track with Solardo and Lowes.  BBC’s Radio 1 selected “Adidas & Pearls” as Hottest New Record. I consider this track amongst my best work.  

Can you describe the creative process behind the track, how did it all come together?

 It came together with Lowes’ brilliant top line, performed by their singer,Evie. She has a very strong voice and is instantly recognizable. Solardo heard this vocal and approached me about a collaboration. When I heard the vocal performance and lyrics and jumped on this production.  


You’re super active on Instagram/social media. How important do you think social media is for artists in 2022 and do you think Reels,TikToks etc are having a positive or negative impact on the scene? 

Without question, social media has a big impact on reaching fans in 2022.

Having a direct link to my audience is vital. Nothing can replace the live experience, but increasing the audience’s awareness about new music, plus receiving their feedback instantly is unbeatable.  The quality of the music must always be first priority. Informing the fans via social networks gives artists a direct connection without depending on radio or media for attention. 


You have collaborated with some brilliant artists, like Roland Clark, Tiësto, Maxi Jazz, Sonny Fodera and Anabel Englund, is there a particular collaboration you are most proud of and what makes it so special?

 Each of these artists is brilliant and extraordinarily talented. I’m proud of my work with each of these artists. The vocals of Roland Clark, Maxi Jazz and Anabel Englund help make each of our collaborations unique and special to me. The co-productions with Tiesto and Sonny Fodera helped increase my own skills. They are true talents – I definitely stand by our work together.  


What does the rest of 2022 look like Vintage Culture?

My music release schedule is full for 2022 and deep into next year. Some of my best music has yet to be released.  Additionally I’ll be touring until the end of the year and through 2023. 

Coming up very soon is the Swedish House Mafia tour. I’m thrilled and honored to be joining the Swedish House Mafia on the road. Their music has been a big influence.