4 Reasons You Should Always Enable Calendar Reminders on Your Pre-Save Campaigns

Release Date Reminders are an important music marketing tool!

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When you create a pre-save campaign on Soundplate Clicks you are given the option to ‘enable release date reminders’.

enable release date reminders

Checking this box, will add a new section to your pre-save links where your fans can add your release day to their calendar app of choice:

Example release date reminder - pre-save campign


This is a FREE feature available to all artists that use Soundplate Clicks to create pre-save campaigns and music smart links.


There are many reasons to activate release day reminders, here are just 5!


    1. Release day reminders are an active prompt to your fans to listen to your music.
      Pre-saves are great for the algorithms but although they save your track into your fan’s library on the release date, they don’t notify them and remind them to listen. Calender reminders pop up on your fan’s phones just like any other notification! This actively encourages them to go and listen!


    1. Release day reminders do not require your fans to log in and connect to any third-party app.
      Privacy is super important to people and pre-saves require fans to log in to their Spotify, Apple Music, or Deezer account, connect to the app and give the necessary permissions to make the pre-save work. This is one of the most common reasons fans give for not pre-saving music – calendar reminders do not require any of this. They can add your music to their calendar in just a couple of clicks!


    1. Release day reminders work no matter which platform your fan prefers.
      Soundplate Clicks allows you to set up pre-save campaigns for Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music but what about the rest of your fans that prefer Amazon, Bandcamp or another service?! Calender reminders work no matter which platform your fans like best.


    1. Release day reminders are FREE and easy to set up with Soundplate Clicks.
      Get started now!



Watch the video below to learn more:

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