How Record Labels Can Get Demos From Artists Using Soundplate Clicks

Demo Management for Record Labels

Managing incoming demos can be a big headache for record labels of all sizes. Soundplate Clicks makes it super easy. Here’s how..



Soundplate Records has been signing and releasing music for over ten years so we know first-hand some of the struggles and pain points that indie labels experience.

All A&R‘s know, organising and managing incoming demos can be a real mess without a good system in place, that’s where the demo management system on Soundplate Clicks comes in.

Record Labels, it’s time to clear your inbox. Set up your label page and demo drop now with Soundplate Clicks!


In just a few clicks a branded demo submission page can be setup and shared with artists who want to send you their music.

Each time a demo is received it will be stored in an organised table, complete with all the information you need to review your demos and the contact details for the artists.

Your demo drop page is also automatically added to your Soundplate Clicks Label Page.

Soundplate Clicks also allows you to create music smart links, pre-save campigns and much more.

Find out more about Soundplate Clicks, here!