15 of the Best Free VST Audio Plugins for Music Production

15 Best Free VST plugins you can download now!

There are many great free VST plugins for music production, in this post we take a look at just 15.


Virtual Studio Technology (VST) helps to takes your music production to the next level. VST plugins easily transform basic home studio music into professional-sounding output. You save money while producing music reflecting expensive, high-quality production equipment. There are many types of free VST plugins to choose from. Each plugin mimics unique vintage and modern production equipment styles and sounds.

Here are the 15 best free VST plugins for both Mac and Windows users.

  • Ample Sound Cloudrum – Immerse yourself in relaxing percussion tones that apply to a wide genre of music styles.
  • ColourEQ – This unique EQ offers 5 enhanced filter parameters that alter sets like none other. Many users enjoy its capabilities, which are not offered with regular IIR equalizers. Feel free to modify GUI colors or alter window dimensions with this great free vst plugin.
  • DSK The Grand – Download the power of a grand piano on your musical tech equipment with this free plugin option. It includes 4 velocity layers and 4 to 6 samples.
  • Freq Echo – This plugin adds psychedelic dub effects to your music creation. It includes analog echo emulation and sonic style sounds with double-tracking capability.
  • Full Bucket FB-3300 – Jump back to the ’70s with the vintage vibes of this unique synthesizer. Users also get the option of micro-tuning and three polyphonic synthesizer blocks for an optimal experience.
  • Helm – A 32 or 64-bit synthesizer and independent from the hassle of DRM and runs in GNU/Linux.
  • Ichiro Toda Synth1 – A gold-standard FREE synth that offers thousands of presets with each file you download. It is a must-have plugin.
  • Magic Switch – Get inspired by the VHS era of the ’80s with the sounds available here.
  • NyquistEq – Besides having a cool name, this parametric equalizer offers amazing graphics with deep bass and one of the highest treble effects.
  • Plogue Alter/Ego – Branded as a “real-time singing synthesizer” and it lives up to its reputation. Tap into modern algorithms for a unique singing synthesizing experience.
  • SlickEQ This equalizer is truly slick in its design and simplicity of use. You get an incredibly crisp sound and plenty of creative flexibility.
  • SonEQ – An amazing equalizer that makes it easy to combine new and old sounds together.
  • Spitfire Audio LABS – Fresh and creative sounds pour out of this free download. Multiple library selections are available to choose from, opening up new musical possibilities.
  • Vinyl Vinyl records are timeless in their charm and this plugin offers users such emulation. You’ll have instant access to a simulation of scratches, warp, and other identifying effects of the vinyl sound.

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